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Hi, as many of you know I have been inactive for a bit now and honestly is just been issues after issues. Some months ago my old laptop pretty much died and I couldn't do anything to fix it, I had to wait a bit and manage to buy a new one, unfortunately after having it for 3 weeks that laptop (an Asus) was defective. It would randomly turn off and sometimes it didn't even do that, I did alot things that the support crew told me and it was in the end a defective product. I got my money back and well, went on the search for another pc or laptop. I found another laptop with the specifications I wanted and well, like the first one it was defective. I notice that the laptop would be very slow or lagging most of the time and sometimes the screen would just stay black, it wasn't suppose to happen since it was new,  had 16RAM, a Tera for memory and 250G for disk. I went to take it back and well it was a mess (they didn't want to refund me the money so yeah). At the end i manage to find a new effective laptop that is the one that currently I have. However,my bad luck doesn't end there while all this was happening, i started having internet problems. To sum it off, I spend 2 months without internet which was paid, the company gave me really shitty service, didn't help me solve the problem and well last week I just had enough and ended my services with them. So I'm in the search for new internet services and although I have a new laptop , I don't have internet, until I find a reasonable company. Today I'm in my siblings house downloading everything(programs, updates, etc. To my commissioners I'm really sorry for this delay I have been having, Hopefully I can download PS now and work on the commission and come again to my siblings house and give you what you paid for. If you need to contact me please use the e-mail ( since with my phone I can access it and be able to talk with you.
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LoL DJ Sona Kinetic by luzhikari
LoL DJ Sona Kinetic
Sona's new upcoming skin and the first skin for her that I love. Arcade Sona is cute but it just didnt call me as much.

Sona Buvelle property of League of Legends (RIOT GAMES)
 art from yours truely(me)
Hello hello, is that time again to open commissions :) Read below and if you have any question feel welcome to message or leave a comment.


  • I will do original and fan art work.
  • Mecha character are a won't do in waist-ups and full-bodies.
  • Reference images are require, the bigger and high quality the image(s), the better.
  • No refunds.
  • I won't start on your commission until paid completely, you can save a slot in case you are waiting for a payment or such.
  • You will be given a sketch of the piece with a watermark in it in 72DPI to determine if you approve or not, (this only falls into the categories of waist-up and full bodies)
  • I won't post any of the commission unless the commissioner allows it.
  • NSFW commissions are accepted.
  • I have the right to accept or decline.


 photo Screenshot_2.png

  • Greyscale \ Black & white headshot: 10 USD each
  • Color headshot: 15 USD each
It will be in transparent or in a solid color bg, commissioners choice.


 photo gaiacom3_by_luzhikari-d7an7h2.png  photo jan2-2.png

  • Normal character waist-up color: 20 USD each
  • Character with big wings: 25 USD each
  • Characters in armor or such: 30 USD each
It will be in transparent or in a solid or gradient color bg, commissioners choice.

Full-Body  ( 1 slots  available):

 photo little_naruto_by_luzhikari-d7tgv3i.png

  • Full-body color  : 35+ USD each ( depends on how complex the character is. The more metal or armor, wings it has 5 usd will be added. Example: if the character has  wings and metal corset or mail, those will be 10 USD ( 10 + 35 = 45 USD in total). If it has a full-body armor it will be a total of 15 USD (15 + 35 = 50 USD)
It will be in a solid or gradient color BG.

Standart Form/Information:

Name and Username:
( here goes whenever it will be 1 headshot or 2, etc. Any trait or characteristic that the character or you desire the commission to show or express)
Reference \ Images:

Any question or doubts you may have feel free and welcome to message me :)

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